During Coronavirus lockdown I suffered a non sporting injury to my hamstring. I heard a pop and felt a sharp pain. However, after two days of moderate pain, and walking with an extremely stiff leg, I was back to walking pretty much pain free. In the back of my mind though I knew that there was still something wrong as there was little flexibility or strength in my leg. I spoke with Dawn, and despite the fact that we could not meet due to COVID-19 and my initial scepticism about how successful a Zoom call would be, I am very glad that we set a remote consultation up.

After a thorough assessment of my injury Dawn took me through a comprehensive list of rehabilitation exercises, demonstrating them where necessary and watched me undertake them to ensure that I was performing them correctly. Dawn is highly professional and personable, took the time to understand my specific injury and the exercises that she suggested over the course of our consultations have unquestionably improved the strength and flexibility of my leg. I am delighted with the progress we have made and very grateful for Dawn’s help and expertise.  I do not hesitate to recommend her and I would definitely use her services again if needed”, Jackie Allen.

“Dawn has been our family physio for many years (both for those who are GB/Scotland runners and those who are not) and I have no hesitation in recommending her – however, I was even more impressed after my daughter’s Zoom physio consultation. Dawn used the virtual technology very effectively and the whole interaction was well thought out. Starting with in depth questions and diagnosis through to advice for exercises, with lots of clear instruction and checking that they were being understood and being done correctly. I know it is not the same as face-to-face but under the circumstances I don’t think it could have been better and we appreciated the follow up email with a recap of the exercises”, Jane Carcus.

Exceptional treatment from a caring professional with great skill resulted in good recovery from my recurring injury. Thanks Dawn”, Suzie Laughland.

“I took my 10 year old daughter to see Dawn as she was complaining of a sore back 10 days after horse riding. Dawn put her at ease immediately and was very thorough in her examination. She located the issue and worked on the area, which was cured after one session! I am most impressed with Dawn’s professionalism, expertise and experience. I will certainly be back and would not hesitate to recommend Dawn to my friends and family. Thanks Dawn!”, Gill Anderson.

“Being a keen sports fanatic herself, especially in the world of skiing, mountain biking, running, tennis and hillwalking, and with kids who do everything else … rugby, football, cricket etc, Dawn has first-hand experience of most of the sports injuries she is treating and this shines through in her understanding and treatment of her patients“, Nicki Innes.

“I used Waitt Physiotherapy because I was experiencing problems with my right hip. I wasn’t able to get up and down stairs easily and it hurt to walk! Dawn was able to see me quickly and after two treatments she had sorted the problem completely. I was very happy and relieved. The treatment room is pleasant and comfortable and fully equipped to deal with a variety of complaints”, Gillian Ballantyne-Smith.

“Dawn has such a welcoming and thorough approach that I followed her advice and am glad I did. The treatment and follow on were excellent. It helped me get better much more quickly”, Alan Macpherson.